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Your New Local Bike Shop in Sheffield.

Bike shops are meant to serve local cyclists.

It was more evident than ever during the pandemic, when they were deemed and essential service during the lockdown.

In Sheffield there's on average just 1 local bike shop (lbs) for about 50,000 people, so complaints about lack of parts availability and long queues for service and repairs are normal.

It is therefor worrying that local bike shops are increasingly under threat and prior to lockdown many were closing down, which is a real problem for families who are looking for reliable and affordable options.

Expertise, honesty and experience

Most good bike shops offer FREE technical advice about servicing, repairs and general maintenance and can provide a hub for all things cycling related in an area.

On top of that it is a place where you can get hundreds items such as bikes, cables, tools, derailleurs, spare parts, screws, handlebars, seat posts, wheels, lights, tyres, innertubes, clothing, gloves and many, many more..

In the 21st Century we understand the importance of the internet so we regularly check our prices against known competitors to ensure the best possible value.

A local bike shop can offer you peace of mind as you can try the bike before you buy or service, repair or extend life of your bicycle by maintain it properly.

At Fox Valley Bikes we focus on giving you the best possible service so you can keep on cycling. We fit in Yorkshire, we don't beat around the bush and tell you how things are.

Whether you are looking for a new bike, want to rent an electric bike, need a service or just want to browse the possibilities. Feel free to come in our store or call us on 0114 2888514.

See you soon :)

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