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"What could we do better as a bike shop?"

Over the first quarter of 2023 I was excited, preparing for what is to come, while continously think... "What could we do even better this year?"

Although the 'cycling market news' seem doomy gloomy, thanks to all your support we got to fix so many cool cycles over the winter & repairing electric bikes can be a crazy ride in unchartered territory!

The team is excited for all the new ideas in development and what the 2023 season will bring.

Ebikes and mountain bikes continue their popularity raid, as more people enjoy the comfy suspension.

The tech innovation is picking up some pace, Bosch GEN3 Smart System & Magura ABS Braking, Shimano introduced new lines with DI2 wireless derailleurs, new Muc Off chemicals, the battery capacities & electric motor efficiencies are increasing.

It's all great stuff but we are still curious about what is the most urgent problem you think of that we should fix.

Hence I write this post so I can understand it better....

Please help me to understand where we can improve the most.

Input your comments in the section below:

Any ideas like: communication, time, prices, items, service, order processing, product range, brands, etc...

Can you think of some obvious system problem, even better! All ideas welcome.

My leading thought here is: "What could we do better as a bike shop?"

Feedback will be much appreciated and processed with attention.

Kind Regards,

Miroslaw Zon

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