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Why Fox Valley Bikes?

- Transparent and personalised performance dashboard

- Good commission rate + discount for your customers 

- Friendly team that's here if you have any questions

How does it work? 

- You can use your dashboard console to create individual product order link or direct customers to the whole website

- Once customer purchase an item it registers in your console  and you get paid the correspondent commission

Let's Work Together

Help Cyclists & Get Rewarded

We are Still Building the Affiliate Program, please check here soon.


Presented by.

1. To apply to become our affiliate partner, please register your account. Here 

For your convenience we use:  it allows you to access dashboard to see your results, performance and other important affiliate data. 2. What you need to do? Share the product link and/or website in any channel. After consumer purchase a product, you can get the corresponding commission. 
3. Know someone with good social media presence? Invite your friends to become affiliate partners, you can earn additional affiliate benefits that way.
4. Orders with refunds will not be included in the commission calculation.
5. Whenever someone successfully purchase the product you've advertised you'll earn commission, you can track results on your dashboard. Payments will be issued based on your account age. Refunded orders will not count towards your commission.

Why you should join us?

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