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MUC-OFF Frame Protection Kit - Clear Matt

MUC-OFF Frame Protection Kit - Clear Matt

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Scratches and stone chips on your pride and joy? Hell no! Get protected with the Muc-Off Bike Protection Series.

Designed for MTB and EMTBs, our clear Frame Protection Kit is made up of multiple universally designed shapes and sizes to cover all the high-risk areas on your bike.

Made using a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material, the Frame Protection Kit forms a barrier around your bike that’s strong enough to withstand the gnarliest of impacts, whilst being flexible enough to fit pretty much any frame geometry.

The kit is stain-resistant, non-yellowing, and self-healing, meaning you simply apply warm water to any light scratches or scuffs, to buff them out of the protective film.

The 45 pieces contained within the kits are backed with ultra-strong self-adhesive backing, which means they’re super easy to install and will stay firmly in place whatever the conditions – So you can focus on keeping it pinned!

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