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SHIMANO CN-LG500 11s 10s Speed Chain 138L

SHIMANO CN-LG500 11s 10s Speed Chain 138L


CN-LG500 Linkglide 10/11-speed Chain with Quick-Link

The Shimano LINKGLIDE LG500 chain provides smooth and decisive shifting with both 10/11-speed LINKGLIDE and 11-speed HYPERGLIDE drivetrains. The SM-CN900-11 Quick-Link closure makes installation easy.

The ultimate long-lasting component system: CN-LG500 LINKGLIDE 10/11-speed Chain from Shimano

LINKGLIDE consistently delivers smoother, more even pedaling while shifting that you can barely feel at your feet. LINKGLIDE's optimized shifting gate design that creates a smoother handoff between cogs to avoid the jumps that can impact shifting and pedaling smoothness. This design improvement is especially pronounced on outward shifts where pedaling shock is more noticeable due to the larger forces involved.

Drivetrain durability is essential for high torque e-bikes and daily riders who might ride in the same gear for months or years at a time. LINKGLIDE provides smooth and decisive shifting that lasts longer than ever before. LINKGLIDE's re-designed cassette teeth have a substantially thicker base and a unique chamfer that drastically improves wear resistance in high torque applications. This increase in cassette durability prolongs smooth driving performance and lengthens the amount of time before chain skips caused by wear start to happen.

Features - Shimano CN-LG500 Linkglide mit Quick-Link

  • Connector Quick-Link - for the mounting and dismounting of chains without tools
  • Optimised for LINKGLIDE systems
  • Access the smooth and reliable shift performance of LINKGLIDE
  • Smooth and reliable shift performance
  • LINKGLIDE technology
  • Compatible with LINKGLIDE 10/11-speed and 11-speed HYPEGLIDE drivetrain system

Product features

  • Use: E-MTB
  • Model: CN-LG500
  • Group: DEORE XT M8130 / DEORE M5130
  • Gear: 10/11-speed LINKGLIDE 
  • Type: LG
  • Directional design: Yes
  • Chromizing Treatment Link Pin: Yes
  • Pin Link Plate: Grey
  • Roller Link Plate: Grey
  • Connector: Quick-Link SM-CN900-11


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