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Schwalbe's Nobby Nic EVO MTB Tyre - SnakeSkin is adored by All-Mountain, Enduro, and Cross-Country riders. The new SnakeSkin sidewall makes it immune to cuts and scrapes; as an added bonus, the ability to shift to a tubeless conversion is quick and easy. Tubeless setups can run at lower air pressures, which means a reduction in friction with an increase in comfort and, crucially, without sacrificing performance. Alongside the improvement in comfort, you'll also enjoy greater control in critical situations and on rough trails.

SnakeSkin: One of Schwalbe's most effective inventions for the Mountain Bike. SnakeSkin fabric adds only 40-50g per tyre. This makes it the most practical protection against sharp rocks that can easily cut the sidewall

PaceStar, Trailstar compound 3 star rating

Evolution Line, High density guard, densely woven carcass offering a high level of puncture resistance

Tread design: excellent traction and braking performance thanks to special central stud arrangement, large shoulder studs for excellent control on tricky trails.