Is XIAOMI Himo Z20 the best Folding Electric Bike?

The Xiaomi Himo brand have released a new Z20 fully folding electric bike. With high expectations set by the popular predecessor C20, did the new model deliver?

Perfect for: Commuting and urban riding. They’re also a convenient option for those with little storage space or those who take their bike on public transport.

Best Value Fully Folding Electric Bike HIMO Z20
3-Step Folding Electric Bike

An easy to transport, fully folding electric bike.

Electric bikes (ebikes) can be a speedy, healthy, eco-friendly and cost effective way to get around. In other words the future of transportation is here.

HIMO Z20 have a solid, 250w road legal electric motor with patented frame that can be fully folded in 3 easy steps for transport or storage.

So, whether you’re looking to take the weight off tired legs after work or tackle difficult uphill stretches with ease, there’s no denying how incredibly practical electric bikes can be.

A solid value for money!

Folding electric bikes are continuing to be incredibly popular and at the moment there is more choice than ever. In fact there is so much choice it can be difficult to know exactly which bike to choose in the crowded market place.

While not the cheapest on the market we are big fans of the Xiaomi Himo brand as their range of compact and folding e-bikes always come across as being well-made, reliable and respectable even when put next to more expensive Trek or Specialised Bikes. In other words at £749, Himo Z20 electric bike is incredibly good value for money.

Specifications Explained

HIMO Z20 has a structural patent with an integrated design. It has passed the high-level NC processing technology and CE certification. Designed within the Legal Road Requirements 250w Motor, 20 inch wheels and lightweight frame it delivery high performance and stability on any terrain.


The 250w brushless geared rear hub motor will provide solid assistance on all but the steepest of hills.


The 36v 10Ah (360Wh) battery is neatly concealed inside the frame and can be easily removed for charging when the bike is folded.


The clear LCD display has the same functionality as all HIMO bikes and displays battery range, mode and has a trip function.

Bike components

Generally speaking HIMO Electric Bikes are build of reliable budget components.


The Shimano 6-speed derailleur is a safe choice from the manufacturer as it is one of the most widely produced and used rear mech system in the world. Build, tried and tested.


Unbranded mechanical disc brakes are not the best in the world but they do the job. The 160mm discs are more than sufficient for the agile ebike.

Wheels a